By George, I think we've got it...

By George, I think we've got it...

Posted by Chandelier on Jul 31st 2018

ManiSand is HERE!!!!

What IS ManiSand, you ask?

The short answer... a gentle hand and nail exfoliator.

But no, really...

ManiSand began when I was introduced to the Indie Polish World.  (There are people out there who MAKE nail polish and sell it. IKR?!?!? so cool! They are individuals and independent from the mainstream cosmetic industry... thus "Indie"). 

I know, I know, that sounds like a strange start, but bear with me here... The hands and nails and nail art produced by the Indie Polish World are absolutely stunning and I was mesmerized! Check them out can find them on any social media, but Instagram seems to be loaded with them. Try these hashtags #nailstagram #indiepolish #nailpolishaddict #naturalnails #nailsoftheday #trna ... and prepare to be wow'd.

My sister (@hospitalhands) models nail polish and nail art.  We got to chatting about how to keep your hands and nails healthy.  

We were already making lotion bars

Chunky Lotion Bar

1.5 oz Lotion Bar

(these are my sister's real, natural nails! Aren't they gorgeous?)

Lotion Heart

So why not make a hand and nail exfoliant?  

I started mulling the gurgled in the back of my head for a few weeks (and probably found a lost thought or two) I also did a fair amount of research because I'm a knowledge nerd and I just gotta know these things (and yes, I did consult scholarly work, scientific findings and medical information... not JUST the beauty blogs. And Boy did I learn A LOT) about skin & nail care and what it took to keep skin pH balanced and healthy.  Now here's where it gets interesting...

Here at Soy MagnifiScents, we've also been exploring bath bombs (that frustratingly elusive bath & body craze that ALL the DIY videos make look so easy... trust me, it's not!--I will NOT be defeated!  I will get these temperamental creatures under control and we will have MagnifiScent Bombs!)... 

Let's be honest...the best part of the bath bomb is the fizzy, BUT did you know that part of what makes the bath bomb fizz is baking soda.  Baking soda also a very mild abrasive and gentle cleanser.... ooooo I think I'm on to something here!

Et Voila!  How fun is that?!?!?

Our lotion bars with magic fizzing action... well, sorta!  But you get the picture.

It was a bit more complicated than that, and lots of trials and testing (a huge thanks to friends, family, our Crash Test Dummy Facebook Group & especially my sister @hospitalhands)  If you want more information and the gritty details of our ManiSand, hop on over to our ManiSand FAQ's.

and now for the best part... Let's see ManiSand ..... 3....2....1 and ACTION!

Thanks for stopping by!

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