Beach, Please!

Welcome to the Soy MagnifiScents

Beach, Please! Collection. 

This collection is inspired by tropical paradises, sunny afternoons by the pool and a little bit of magic. 

Take a break.

Immerse yourself in beach house living any time of year.

Scroll down for individual MagnifiScents descriptions:

Beaches--Sandy, ocean-misted, sun-kissed skin and hints of sweet citrus, heady florals with notes of jasmine, lavender, roses and gardenia grace this MagnifiScent.

Butt Naked--A splashy, fruity combo of green apple, ripe melon, tart kiwi and sweet raspberries are ready to serve you that fun in the sun feel.

Coconut Milk--Pure creamy coconut.  Plain and simple

Coconut White Mocha--Frosty, creamy, rich and inviting.  Enjoy this shot espresso blend with smooth white chocolate and toasted coconut.

Island Girl--Be swept away by soft sea breezes to this tropical paradise. A light floral surrounded in sweet almond and heavenly Hawaiian pikake.

Jamaica 'Mon Crazy--Island  breezes kissed with deep musk and woodsy teak on layers of coconut & chocolate  **Contains cedarwood, patchouli, black pepper, and pimento berry essential

Mango Tango--Ripe, juicy mango meets bananas, coconuts, pineapple and hints of the exotic… dance the night away.

Mermaid Kisses--alluring and sweet, full of sunny beach grasses and powdery bliss, and a hint of sweet tropical fruit, You've captured a Mermaid's kiss!

Sex on the Beach--Enjoy peaches, pineapple, and tart cranberries in this beachy mixed drink. All the Scent-sory fun without the alcohol. (Cabana Boy not included!)  **contains orange essential oil 

 Wave Runner-- Swim with mermaids. Dive for sunken treasure. Run the waves of the ancient seas.  Embrace the mystery of salty breezes combined with hints of the Mediterranean, splashes of bright citrus and laden with exotic rosewood. **contains cardamon seed and clove leave essential oils