Beach, Please!

Welcome to the Soy MagnifiScents

Beach, Please! Collection. 

This collection is inspired by tropical paradises, sunny afternoons by the pool and a little bit of magic. 

Take a break.

Immerse yourself in beach house living any time of year.

Scroll down for individual MagnifiScents descriptions:


Sandy, ocean-misted, sun-kissed skin and hints of sweet citrus, heady florals with notes of jasmine, lavender, roses and gardenia grace this MagnifiScent.

Butt Naked--

A splashy, fruity combo of green apple, ripe melon, tart kiwi and sweet raspberries are ready to serve you that fun in the sun feel.

Coconut Milk--

Pure creamy coconut.  Plain and simple

Coconut White Mocha--

Frosty, creamy, rich and inviting

A shot espresso blend with smooth white chocolate and toasted coconut.

Island Girl--

Be swept away by soft sea breezes to this tropical paradise. A light floral surrounded in sweet almond and heavenly Hawaiian pikake.

Jamaica 'Mon Crazy--

Island  breezes kissed with deep musk and woodsy teak on layers of coconut & chocolate

**Contains cedarwood, patchouli, black pepper, and pimento berry essential

Mango Tango--

Ripe, juicy mango meets bananas, coconuts, pineapple and hints of the exotic… dance the night away.

Mermaid Kisses--

alluring and sweet, full of sunny beach grasses and powdery bliss, and a hint of sweet tropical fruit, You've captured a Mermaid's kiss!

Sex on the Beach--

Enjoy peaches, pineapple, and tart cranberries in this beachy mixed drink. All the Scent-sory fun without the alcohol. (Cabana Boy not included!)  

**contains orange essential oil 


Wave Runner--