IEC Mini Mani Love Overpour

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What was in your Indie Expo Canada VIP Swag Bag? The gift of ManiLove in one of 4 exclusive MagnifiScents and a bit Mani Non-Scents (unscented) for our scent sensitive Canadian polish brothers and sisters, that's what.

And we have a very limited amount of over-pour!

Now is your chance to get more ManiLove!


Included in this gift:

(1) 1 oz ManiSand 

(1) 1/2 oz ManiSilk

(1) 1 oz Lotion Heart with Travel Tin

All products will be the in the same MagnifiScent

ManiSand is a gentle exfoliator designed to moisturize and smooth hands and nails. It’s whitening properties help remove stains and yellow buildup on nails. Moisture rich, organic coconut oil conditions skin and nails while the massage therapy grade soy wax helps lock moisture in and soften skin. For more info. visit our ManiSand FAQ's 

ManiSilk is a concentrated, whipped cuticle balm designed to add important skin loving, long-chain, fatty-acids and elasticity to your nails.  It enhances moisture retention and promotes new cell growth. For more info. visit our ManiSilk FAQ's 

Lotion Hearts are a 1 oz. power house of moisturizing, skin loving, proprietary blend of soy and coconut oil. They are a solid, convenient way to apply lotion. The heat from your body is enough to warm the lotion bar and allow it to spread evenly over your skin. For more info visit our Lotion Bar FAQ's

We will do everything in our power to ensure safe delivery of your MagnifiScents, however, our proprietary blend is temperature sensitive and does soften or melt in temperatures over 95 degrees F. Shipping in hot weather (temperatures over 90 degrees F) is not recommended and is at the buyer's own risk. 

In warmer weather and shipping to warmer climates we will pack your MagnifiScents with an ice pack however, please do not allow your products to sit outside for prolonged periods of time.  We recommend a "Hold for Pick-up" option in these cases.

Sasquatch's Smoothie--a berry blend of blueberries, cranberries & raspberries with a hint of Rocky Mountain forest (even Sasquatch needs a bit of fiber in his diet) all on a creamy base.

Zamboni--an icy treat kissed with minty goodness, soothing eucalyptus, crisp ozone & a hint of wintry outdoors. (Contains eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils)

Maple Bacon Timmys--deep fried donuts glazed with pure maple syrup and a sprinkling of cinnamon topped with a hint of hardwood smoked bacon. This one is finger licking good! (But please don't!)

Romance Novel--be the heroine of your own love story. Escape to far-off lands with incense filled temples, red roses & white gardenias.

Mani Non-Scents is always available on our website here but we have a few all done up in their pretty little bags waiting for you.