Lotion Bar FAQ's

Let's talk about Lotion Bars (and Hearts)

What are Lotion Bars (and Hearts)?

Lotion Bars are a solid, convenient way to apply lotion. 

How do I use them?

They look like a bar of soap and work much the same way. Just work the lotion bar in your hands or rub directly on your skin. No water necessary.

Lotion Bars allow you to get exactly the amount of lotion you need. No excess to try to get rid of.

How often should I use it?

Lotion Bars (and Hearts) can be used as often as needed.  Simply reapply.

Why is my Lotion Bar (or Heart) "sweating"?

"Sweating" or the appearance of small droplets of oil on the surface of the bar is normal in warmer weather and climates.  This does not affect the performance at all.  Simply use the lotion bar as normal. The "sweat" will disappear.

Lotion Bars (and Hearts) are temperature sensitive due to the ingredients we use.  Please store them in a cool place and out of direct sunlight.

What's in Lotion Bars (and Hearts)?

Massage Therapy Grade Soy Wax (Glycine Soja) has antioxidant properties to help skin stay younger and smoother looking.  It helps slow the loss of moisture by acting as a barrier to protect the skin.  Our soy wax is massage therapy grade, dermatologist tested, herbicide & pesticide free, vegan and cruelty free and manufactured in the USA. 

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Coco Nucifera) is the first pressing of the coconut. It contains more of the nutrients and fatty acids our skin needs to stay soft and supple. Coconut oil is highly revered in the beauty industry for its ability to absorb quickly into the skin and provide many benefits. It has natural antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, making it a stable oil with a shelf life of about 1 year. Our coconut oil is certified organic. 

Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oil because Magnificent smelling things... it's what we do! 

Fragrance oil differs from essential oil in that fragrance oil is a chemical replication of a scent.   We chose to use fragrance oil because of all the amazing smells in the world. 

Essential oils cannot duplicate cotton candy or pumpkin spiced latte or caramel corn or apple pie or good clean ozone-y sea breezes or the smell of a garden or a thunderstorm... you get the picture.   

Our fragrance oils are phthalate-free and meet the California Proposition 65 guidelines.

That's it! 

Pure. Simple. Clean.



And the rest of the story...

My youngest daughter has battled eczema and dry skin her whole life! (honestly, her whole life, this child came home from the hospital ashy and flaky!) We tried EVERYTHING to keep her dry, itchy skin soft and supple and relieve the itching.  Every lotion on the market from the cheap, $1 a quart stuff to the super thick, super expensive, upwards of $30/oz. stuff.  Most of them caused burning, itching, inflammation and flare-ups. ANYTHING with any kind of fragrance was a NO GO! (no sweet baby lotion scent for us!)

We saw specialists who prescribed a variety of topical treatments, including topical and oral steroids and antihistamines. Some the topical creams had the potential to cause long-term liver damage, I was NOT o.k. with giving a small child medicine that could cause liver damage.  I knew long-term topical steroid treatments could ultimately cause permanent skin damage and other lasting damage.

Finally our family doctor suggested using Crisco (or other shortening) to just slather this poor child several times a day.  It worked (mostly), but trying to catch a naked, slicked up toddler was almost as entertaining as trying to catch a greased pig!... Eventually we gave up Crisco and started using coconut oil (it was less greasy and more readily absorbed into her skin but didn't last as long as the Crisco so she used A LOT ... when she remembered).

Fast forward to the birth of Soy MagnifiScents, when I started working with soy wax. I gave her a sample of a scent I created for her.  It was an oval shape. She thought it was lotion and used it as lotion.  Several weeks later she asked me if I could make her another lotion bar...

"a what? ... lotion bar? I don't know what you are talking about, sweetpea"

"yeah, Mommy, you know, that lotion bar you made for me...can I have another one? It's all gone and it doesn't burn my skin or make me itchy AND it SMELLS SO GOOD!"

A few tests later we had a lotion bar!  Long lasting, locked in moisture that doesn't burn or itch or cause eczema flare-ups!

We've been making lotion bars for friends and family for several years now but yep, it's time!  

Welcome to the Soy MagnifiScents' Bath, Body & Beauty family, Lotion Bars!