ManiSand FAQ's

Let's talk about ManiSand

What is ManiSand? 

ManiSand is a gentle hand and nail exfoliant designed to help balance the pH of your skin and provide them with lasting moisture and protection.  It's a personal spa treatment for your hands!

How much do I use?

Typically a pea sized amount rubbed into each nail and working the excess into your hands is plenty but you can use a little more if you want to exfoliate your whole hand. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial.

How often should I use it? 

1-3 times a week is sufficient for maintaining healthy hands and nails but may be used more often as needed.  Be sure to give your hands a rest between treatments.  Exfoliating every day can damage skin and nails.

What's in ManiSand?

Sodium Bicarbonate (yep, baking soda) is a naturally occurring substance.   It is used as the primary abrasive ingredient to help buff nails, remove dead skin cells and callouses. It also acts to help soothe dry, irritated, itchy skin and balance the pH of ManiSand and your skin. Our sodium bicarbonate is food grade and aluminum free.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Coco Nucifera) is the first pressing of the coconut. It contains more of the nutrients and fatty acids our skin needs to stay soft and supple. Coconut oil is highly revered in the beauty industry for its ability to absorb quickly into the skin and provide many benefits. It has natural antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, making it a stable oil with a shelf life of about 1 year. Our coconut oil is certified organic.

Massage Therapy Grade Soy Wax (Glycine Soja) has antioxidant properties to help skin stay younger and smoother looking.  It helps slow the loss of moisture by acting as a barrier to protect the skin.  Our soy wax is massage therapy grade, dermatologist tested, herbicide & pesticide free, vegan and cruelty free and manufactured in the USA.

Citric Acid is part of the alpha hydroxy acids used in skin care. It is naturally occurring in citrus fruits.  In the skin care industry it is used to help balance pH.  It acts as a preservative, extending the shelf life of a product.  It is an astringent and a conditioning agent that helps keep the skin smooth, elastic and supple.

Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oil because Magnificent smelling things... it's what we do! 

Fragrance oil differs from essential oil in that fragrance oil is a chemical replication of a scent.   We chose to use fragrance oil because of all the amazing smells in the world. 

Essential oils cannot duplicate cotton candy or pumpkin spiced latte or caramel corn or apple pie or good clean ozone-y sea breezes or the smell of a garden or a thunderstorm... you get the picture.   

Our fragrance oils are phthalate-free and meet the California Proposition 65 guidelines.


And the rest of the story...


ManiSand was developed as a result of my interest in my sister's hobby as a swatcher (model for nail polish and nail art) for independent nail polish makers ("Indie Polish"). She remarked on the importance of keeping your nails and cuticles healthy.  She occasionally made a baking soda and oil mixture for herself but said there was really nothing out there that other people used.

 I got to thinking.... 

 How can I make a hand and nail exfoliant and what would I use?  

 Finally, after several months of thinking about it and LOTS of test's HERE!

Welcome ManiSand to the world of Soy MagnifiScents!

ManiSand & ManiSilk Tutorial (courtesy of @hospitalhands and used with permission)