Star Spangle Duo and Lj x Soy MagnifiScents Collab

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The set is $25.00 USD and includes:

Polish by Lacquer Junkie

(1) Firecracker -- a 10.5 ml Lacquer Junkie a red jelly polish loaded with holo flakes and shreds

(1) 4th of July Skies -- 10.5 ml Lacquer Junkie a denim blue to pale blue thermal with blue and silver holo

(1) American Woman -- 10.5 ml Lacquer Junkie a glitter filled topper loaded with silver, red, white and blue stars and a touch of silver holo pigment

Mini ManiLove Box by Soy MagnifiScents

(1) 1 oz ManiSand

(1) 1/2 oz ManiSilk

(1) 1 oz Lotion Heart with Travel Tin

(1) Handmade gift box.

The ManiLove products are scented in:

All American: 

--a classic All American Apple Pie complete with a buttery, flaky crust, a heaping spoonful of fresh cinnamon and as always, this apple pie scent is made with plenty of love.

Lacquer Junkie by Kass polish is a hand blended, cruelty free, 5-free, vegan nail polish.

ManiSand is a gentle exfoliator designed to moisturize and smooth hands and nails. It’s whitening properties help remove stains and yellow buildup on nails. Moisture rich, organic coconut oil conditions skin and nails while the massage therapy grade soy wax helps lock moisture in and soften skin.

ManiSilk is a concentrated, whipped cuticle balm designed to add important skin loving, long-chain, fatty-acids and elasticity to your nails.  It enhances moisture retention and promotes new cell growth.

Lotion Hearts are a 1 oz. power house of moisturizing, skin loving, proprietary blend of soy and coconut oil. They are a solid, convenient way to apply lotion. The heat from your body is enough to warm the lotion bar and allow it to spread evenly over your skin.

All our ManiLove products are made with phthalate-free, California Prop 65 compliant, skin-safe fragrance oils.

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