Wizard of Oz Collection

Welcome to the MagnifiScent Wizard of Oz Collection

This Collection is inspired by the whimsical, magical characters and places in L. Frank Baum's modern fairy tale.

Follow the Yellow Brickle Road to the Emerald City.  Meet the characters, enjoy the scent-sory experience and remember, There’s No Place Like Home.

Emerald City- A sparkling citrus and an earthy green with hints of light floral is at the heart of Oz. 

Flying Monkeys- Sweet, ripe banana meets fresh baked peanut butter cookies. If the monkeys can't catch the girl and her little dog too, this MagnifiScent will send them flying right into your clutches.

The Good Witch- Heavenly pink lilac and tropical orchids float on bubbles of exotic incense. Glinda knows you've had the power all along.

A Heart- Warm, gentle musk envelopes earthy rosewood. The Tin Man’s heartfelt wish come true.

I'm Melting- Fresh herbs and garden mint mingle in fresh lime... You'll love melting this wicked MagnifiScent

Lullaby League- Soothing lavender with a touch of honey for sweet dreams in the merry old land of Oz

The Nerve- Boast the courage of a Dandy-lion, sweet golden floral surrounded by fresh green meadows makes even the meekest forest creature ROAR with joy

Ruby Slippers- A tart, sparkling pomegranate mead with a splash of dark sweet cherry, no wonder that witch was after them

There's No Place Like Home- Whether you're in a farmhouse in Kansas or the Magical Land of Oz this buttery, rich vanilla and sweet cinnamon is sure to make anywhere home.

Yellow Brickle Road- Rich toffee, buttery caramel and sweet butter rum pave the road to the wizard. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow your nose down the yellow brick road.